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About State Bail Bonds: Typically most bonds are state bonds meaning that the charges or violation is a county / state offense. Most people who get arrested in Florida are for state charges and are held at the  County Jail or Sheriff's Office. The premium for a state bond is 10% of the bail amount.

About Federal Bonds: Federal bonds are are bond set by the Federal Courts for violations of federal laws. Federal bonds are considered riskier bonds because of the nature or level of the offense, for this the legal premium is 15% of the bail amount.

About INS Bonds: An Immigration bond is a federal bond, versus that of the state, for which you may be responsible for posting when you have been detained and arrested by the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement "ICE". This is different than being arrested on a state by your city or other local authorities. In the case of immigration bonds it is the federal government with which you are dealing.


The State of Florida Bail Bonds call 1-800-224-5937.

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